trendsetting kits / hype kits

TRENDSETTING: mapping, predicting and setting up permanently updated globally and wide societal evolutional tendecies across the industries spectrum. Primary focus on the fashion, art and corporates communication in interaction with a variety of other industries and areas. Specifically, it is about the current developmental tendencies in the field of design of fashion products(including new tech), which have an impact on the creation, communication and sales of fashion and lifestyle products and experiences, which influence the whole spectrum of implications. This includes the presentation pattern called Hype.


HYPE: presentation, which is regularly seasonly-updated as insight to the most crucial and significant topics and signalls, across the spectrum of the creative industry (fashion, music, film, entertaintment, pop culture, art & culture, …) sociological, anthropological, psychological, kunsthistorical as well as economic contexts. This format has been trusted and verified for a long time with the acquired knowledge, which is very enriching and very useful for audiences and clients according existing feedbacks.