JAY WALKER / campaign for Mezipatra Queer Film Festival

We are really happy our agency cooperated on this campaign for the biggest queer film festival in the Czech Republic.
With styling help by Monina and selected aliens – Zeynab / Isaac / Espio / Jakub / Martin M
We met the director of this campaign Jay Walker to ask a few questions.

How was working on mezipatra teaser?

Working on Mezipatra was both strenuous and inspiring. It was amazing to see what a team of dedicated individuals could pull off the motivated solely by belief in the project. We had some strong alchemy. Our crew and cast consisted of some of the most down to earth and hard-working people I’ve ever had the pleasure of collaborating with. I will continue to try to work with any many of them as I can in the future.

Why did you choose to work with New Aliens? How was your experience working with us?

New Aliens Agency is the most innovative, inclusive and progressive agency in Prague by a long shot, so it was only natural that we draw talent for this punchy spot from them. Its super refreshing to see how they support their talent and don’t put fees above artistic experience. It’s clear they have very close relationships with their models and care about their models’ exploration of the craft. Both of the owners had very direct hands In the Mezipatra trailer and I count myself incredibly lucky to have had them so involved.

Why is important to have a strong queer community? And how to support it more?

The queer community is a beautiful cultural staple and always has been. Considering the amount of prejudice and discrimination in the world currently, I think it is really important to pass the mic to those who may feel suppressed and silenced. Mezipatra is one of the most impressive platforms for the LGBTQ community I’ve seen anywhere in the world; and it was my deep honor to collaborate with them, alongside New Aliens, to create a piece tailor exclusively to emboldening the community.