Agile, mutable, changeable and flexible form and reaction to the current presentation needs.
Society is different, another one, the new one.
Everything moves, everything is in the process. Everything lives.

New Aliens Agency represents also artists, activists and performers.
With their help, we can depict our reactions, our attitudes, our visions in various spaces from contemporary galleries to public space.

2019, performance PRENATAL, Kunsthalle Košice, SK
2019, exhibition New Aliens: Agency, Galerie 35M2, Prague CZ
2019, performance Queer Bodies, YouuAllDroveMeCrazy, Karlovy Vary
2018, performance and exhibition 69, Karlin Studios (in cooperation with Justýna Gorowska), Prague CZ
2018, performance and exhibition SWOW, Holešovická Šachta, Prague CZ
2018, performance EXPOSURE, National Gallery in Prague
2018, performance SCI-FI IS THE NEW BASIC BITCH, Lucerna Gallery, Prague CZ
2017, performance SENSE, Tower Park Žižkov (in cooperation with Jakub Ra), Prague CZ
2017, performance and exhibition ANTIDIMENSION, Bohemian National Hall (in cooperation with SOTC), New York USA
2017, performance NEW LIFE.AI, Punctum (in cooperation with, Prague CZ
2017, performance ESCAPE, Káznice, Brno CZ
2017, performance YOU DON’T HAVE A LIFE YOU ARE LIFE!, Czech Fashion Council, Prague CZ
2016, performance

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