I am. What is the only thing we can say about ourselves with the only certain certainty? I am. Here, living my very own moment. Looking at my body, knowing that it is me. It is much easier to look at my body as a cover for my complicated soul because even if it’s me who tries to discover my inner self, I often realize that I am lost in myself. I love water and the sea. Swimming, I feel most at home, I feel closer to myself. My hair makes me think of water. I’m a part of a student theatre group since I turned ten. Getting to know new places and traveling is one of my passions. I like to express myself and to write. Being a nonmodel is a different way to express any type of feeling, mine or someone else’s.

height: 177cm

breasts: 84

waist: 70

hips: 92

shoes: 40-41

city: Prague, Czech Republic