Hi, my name is Martin and I’m sick of people who are presenting as anti-social rebels, even if they are not. I love psychology, sociology and foreign languages. In short, everything that post-communist shit has disgraced us. I was social, I’m not today. I collect vintage sneakers. I wore what people wanted me to do, today I wear what people do not want me to do, even if this is not the rule. I’ve been playing guitar and other string instruments for 6 years. I played in four bands and won two prizes, so I saved my ego for years to come. I love any progressive music. I am heterosexual. Let everyone do what he wants, especially if he feels comfortable, so I’m a bit libertarian.

PS: Yeah, I mentioned that I like to read?

PPS: Yeah, and I mentioned I did not have my hair? Because of Alopecia.

City: Prague, Czech Republic