makeup artist / Instagram

I’m the type of person that is all about the arts. Art is for me a way of expressing my emotions, thoughts and creativity. My favorite type of art is makeup. Makeup helped me love myself more and as well helped realize who I am deep inside. I love extravagance, innovation, open mind and creativity. I love people, they inspired me to transform my thoughts into poems that I’m writing in free time. Graphic painting, drawing, painting, and fashion are also the passions that I truly love as well. My biggest inspirations are unique Drag Queens such as Sasha Velour, Hungry, Violet Chachki and many more. I’m also not afraid of dancing because I always wanted to dance but didn’t have a time for it. I strongly believe that self-love is the strongest kind of love that exists.

height: 184cm

breasts: 93

waist: 74

hips: 98

shoes: 44

city: Bratislava, Slovak Republic