Founded in the Czech Republic in 2017, New Aliens Agency has quickly become one of the most inclusive and forward-thinking modeling agencies in the world. Their groundbreaking projects, such as their participation in the world’s first digital fashion week held in Helsinki in 2020 where they became the first agency to digitize their models, led them to be named among Wallet Magazine’s top 10 most progressive modeling agencies in the world.

New Aliens Agency recently diversified also into online casting management in an effort to broaden the possibilities of inclusion in the industry. Their evolutionary perspective lies in agelessness, timelessness and genderlessness.

Individual management, forecasting expertises and holistic visions helps the agency to raise generation of new models, representing the values of the generations Z and Alpha, which will soon be the break-through group of consumers.

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Manifest 2022

New Aliens Agency is an example of how the industry is shifting towards the future. Our clients and collaborators are openminded and fearless in their support for diversity and inclusion for models of different sizes, skin colors, genders and sexuality.

As a contemporary agency, we aim to disrupt the status quo which has made the industry impenetrable and inhospitable for many who have historically been disadvantaged by society, the state as well as other oppressive systems. Our models are aware that they sometimes have to balance the thin edge between using their identity for commercial purposes while preserving their values. The inclusive community we have built provides a safe space for us to stay grounded and ensure that our values remain firm while still open for growth, not only professionally but also in our personal lives as well as our artistic ambitions.

The agency was founded by queer and nonconforming people therefore supporting other marginalized people is a priority to us. We actively work to educate ourselves and our clients about various social issues concerning gender and race in order to avoid the continuation of institutional racism, sexism and homophobia. One of the ways we have tried to make a difference is by encouraging our clients to be mindful in their conduct and treatment of our models for example by using proper terms and pronouns relating to our models' identities. In an effort to support our models in retaining control and responsibility over the direction and development of their careers, we encourage them to exercise their right to accept or reject any offers as well as participation in certain projects both internal and external. It is in this same spirit that we do not control our models’ ideas on and off social media, instead, we often hold discussions about various topics that are of interest to our community, thereby ensuring that our models are well informed about these topics to the best of our ability. However, the agency is not responsible for models’ personal social media accounts.

Since its founding five years ago, the agency has strived to be as transparent as possible, especially in times of crisis; in case of any problems or misunderstanding, we immediately try to resolve the issues directly with the model and/or the client. The agency is run by humans which makes us susceptible to making mistakes which we believe are a natural part of human growth and development. In the event that we make a mistake, we ask that you respectfully and responsibly hold us accountable and alert us to the error. We are not afraid to admit when we are wrong and welcome discussions and other opportunities for learning and growth. We are grateful for the support we have had so far in our attempts to remove limits and push industry standards, and we hope to continue counting on your support as we look towards a more inclusive future. Fuck harder. Love more. Live more. Together.


PXS, the arch-founder of the agency doing trendforecasting reports titled #Sentience about all the feelings in the world (fashion, society, enviro, tech, politics). To be much more precise than just an intelligent, rational, human beings, – to be sentient beings*

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